4 Reasons Why Acne Systems Are A Better Choice For Your Skin Than Home Remedies

Home remedies for acne are very popular in the world of skincare right now, but are they really the best way to get clear skin? You may be better off using an over-the-counter acne system, like Exposed Skin Care, Murad, or Proactiv. Below, we’ve identified 4 solid reasons you may want to choose an acne system over some of the classic home remedies.

1. Acne Systems Are More Scientifically-Sound

It’s important to only use ingredients that have been scientifically studied and found to be effective in treating acne.

Although some home remedies for acne have been studied extensively, like Manuka honey, many of them have not, and as a result, you can’t be sure that what you’re putting on your face will actually do any good. The best acne systems, however, include only ingredients that have been researched and found to effectively reduce acne and promote healthy skin. Obviously not all acne systems are quite up to this standard, so it’s important that you do your research, but we can help you out there as well. Check out our in-depth reviews of Proactiv, Exposed Skin Care, Murad, and Rodan & Fields.

The right acne system will have plenty of research supporting all of the ingredients it uses, which is a much better choice for your skin. It’s vital to understand how everything you apply to your skin is truly affecting it. Home remedies are prone to being overhyped and under-researched, and if you solely use home remedies to treat your acne, you may waste months on a treatment that doesn’t work at all, or worse, one that actively hurts your skin in some way. It’s far better to try an acne system from a brand that has done its research and uses only the best, most effective ingredients in its products.

2. The Right Acne System Can Offer You the Best of Both Worlds

Why not combine natural and scientific ingredients with acne systems like Exposed Skin Care?

If you’re looking for natural acne solutions, but you want to make sure they really work, the right acne system may be a far better answer than a home remedy. Not all acne systems include natural ingredients, but some brands, like Exposed Skin Care, utilize all kinds of natural, acne-fighting ingredients, like tea tree oil, passion flower extract, and aloe vera. With this kind of acne system, you get the best of both worlds: natural ingredients and scientific ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and sulfur.

The best part of combining scientific and natural ingredients is that it can help reduce the likelihood of side effects. Many people avoid benzoyl peroxide because it makes their skin peel and burn, but by combining benzoyl peroxide with tea tree oil, you can get the same acne-fighting power with less benzoyl peroxide, which means fewer side effects. You just want to watch out for products that maintain a high concentration of benzoyl peroxide (5% or more) in addition to natural ingredients like tea tree oil. Together, this could actually cause more side effects, so it’s important to check out the ingredient label before buying.

3. Easy to Re-Purchase

It’s far easier to repurchase an acne system than all the complicated ingredients for natural acne remedies.

Unlike home remedies, acne systems are convenient in so many ways. First and foremost, they are insanely easy to repurchase. Instead of having to make a full grocery list of all the natural ingredients you need to buy from the health foods store, plus actually making time to go to the store, you just need to log on to a company website and click a few buttons. This is a huge time-saver and can prevent you from running out of the products you need to achieve clear skin. Many skincare companies even offer a discount if you become a member and automatically have more supplies sent to your residence every three months. This is an excellent option once you find the acne system that really works for your skin, especially if you know you’re a bit scatterbrained or forgetful.

4. Acne Systems Are a Great Way to Simplify Your Routine

Why complicate things? Acne systems can make your skin care routine short, sweet, and effective.

Acne systems are also convenient because they require far fewer steps than most home remedy routines. Some people love taking their time with their skincare. They treat it like a mini spa experience every morning and night, a chance to pamper themselves and take care of their skin. But some people have a hard time sticking to long, complicated routines and just want things to be as simple as possible. If you fall into the second category, an acne system is a far superior option compared to home remedies.

Most home remedies must be made fresh each morning and night because the ingredients lose potency in the open air, meaning you’ll have to dedicate extra time and energy to squeezing lemons or brewing green tea every time you go to do your skincare routine. Unless you are seriously dedicated, odds are you’ll end up skipping your skincare routine several times a week if you have to devote this much time and energy to it. Acne systems, on the other hand, are ready and waiting in their bottles and only require you to take the time to apply them. Plus, most acne systems combine tons of amazing ingredients into just three simple steps, so you can get the benefit of several natural ingredients in seconds.