6 Reasons to Choose an Acne System

If you’re sick of your acne, it might be tempting to go straight to the dermatologist to get strong acne medication, but did you know you may actually be better off sticking with an over-the-counter acne treatment system? It’s true, there are many benefits to using an acne system, such as lower cost, reduced chance of side effects, and so much more. Here are the top 6 reasons you should consider checking out some of the top acne systems before running to the clinic.

1. Acne Systems Provide Comprehensive Skincare

Acne systems like Exposed Skin Care provide all the products you need to treat and prevent acne.

Treating acne isn’t just about getting rid of the acne that’s already on your skin, it’s also about preventing new acne from forming, and to do both of these things, you’re going to need more than one product. Even the best non-OTC products from the doctor’s office can’t do everything on its own. That’s one reason we prefer acne systems to stronger acne medications. An acne system typically comes with several products designed to cover the three basic steps of good skincare: cleanse, treat, moisturize. When you follow all three of these steps each morning and night, you might be surprised at how much clearer your skin is, even without strong medication.

If you get a non-OTC product and only focus on treating your current acne, odds are high that you will dry out your skin, cause irritation, and potentially even make your acne worse. It’s far better to treat your acne comprehensively with both treatment and prevention in mind, and this is much easier to do with an acne system. If you do end up getting a non-OTC product for your acne, be sure to supplement it with a gentle cleansing step and a hydrating moisturizing step as well.

2. Acne Systems Are Usually Far Gentler Than Strong Acne Medications

Our skin is incredibly delicate, like a flower petal, and it typically responds best to gentle treatment and care.

On a related note, acne systems are often a better treatment option than strong acne medications because they are usually far gentler. If you have stubborn acne and you just want it gone, you may be tempted to go for the super harsh products, thinking the gentle ones won’t be strong enough to do the trick, but in many cases the exact opposite is true. Many of us continue the cycle of acne by using excessively harsh products on our skin, which dry it out and irritate it, leading to more acne instead of less.

Acne is first and foremost an inflammatory skin condition, meaning that all acne starts with some kind of inflammation. This is when the skin swells slightly and the pores start to close up, trapping bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells inside. This is how all acne starts, and irritation is one of the primary ways our skin becomes inflamed. Drying out the skin with excessively harsh products is a surefire way to irritate your skin, and as a result, it can actually make your acne worse. It might feel effective to try and scrub your acne away, but at the end of the day, acne responds far better to a gentle touch.

Acne systems contain gentler ingredients at gentler concentrations to prevent the irritation and inflammation so common with many non-OTC acne treatments. Plus, there are countless acne systems available, so if you try one and find that it really is too gentle, you can always try another that’s a little more powerful.

3. Acne Systems Have Fewer Side Effects Than Strong Acne Medications

Strong acne medications often come with many side effects, like dryness, peeling, burning, and/or scaly skin.

Because non-OTC acne products are so strong and harsh, they typically come with a whole host of side effects, from the mild, like burning, itchy dry skin, to the more serious, like an increased risk of birth defects if you were to become pregnant while taking the medication. For those with severe acne that does not respond to over-the-counter treatments, these side effects may be worth it, but if you can avoid them and still get clear skin, why wouldn’t you?

That’s why we recommend trying out a few acne systems first. They are far gentler, and this typically leads to fewer side effects. Plus, if you’re sensitive to certain chemicals common in strong acne medications, you can look for an acne system like Exposed Skin Care that utilizes natural ingredients as well as scientific ones to cut down on your chances of having a sensitivity issue.

4. Acne Systems Are Typically Far Less Expensive

Seeing your doctor and/or a dermatologist can be a costly endeavor, and it may be more cost-effective to try an acne system instead.

Not only do strong acne medications come with their own lofty price tag, but also, in order to get a non-OTC product you need to make an appointment with a dermatologist, which can be pricey as well. For some, this added cost may not be a problem, but here’s the thing: in many cases, acne systems are just as effective in helping people achieve clear skin as strong acne medications. If you can get the same results for a much more affordable price, why wouldn’t you? Even if you can afford the extra doctor’s visits and expensive medications, if you can achieve the same results with something less expensive, that’s just extra spending money in your pocket.

Of course, this isn’t the case for everyone. If you try several acne systems and find that your acne just isn’t going away, it may be time for you to see a dermatologist. But until you’ve given acne systems a shot, we recommend holding off on other acne treatment approaches for now.

5. Acne Systems Are Easier to Obtain on a Regular Basis

Unlike strong acne medications, which require regular dermatologist visits, acne systems are easy to refill, even on short notice.

In today’s age of the internet, it is so wonderfully easy to stay stocked up on your acne system. Unlike strong acne medications, which often require frequent, expensive visits to the dermatologist, acne systems can be ordered online at the click of a button. Or, if you’ve found an acne system that really works for you, many skincare companies will give you a discount and send your products to you automatically every three months. This level of ease is vital for busy mothers, stressed-out college students, or forgetful 30-somethings. Never be caught off guard, trying to make a last-minute appointment with your dermatologist to make sure you don’t run out of your medication. Use an acne system instead and have it delivered to your doorstep on a regular basis instead.

6. Acne Systems Offer a Better Long-Term Solution to Acne

If you’re looking for a way to get clear skin long-term, acne systems are often a far better solution than some strong, non-OTC acne medications.

Did you know that some non-OTC acne treatments can only be used temporarily? Antibiotics, one of the most popular acne medications, should only be taken for a few months and then completely discontinued in order to prevent the spread of bacterial resistance. This means your skin might improve drastically for a little while, but then you’ll have to start all over when you have to quit taking the medication and your acne inevitably comes back.

Acne systems don’t work the same way. If you find the right system for you and your skin, you can keep using it indefinitely and keep your acne at bay for months or even years at a time. Sometimes our skin will adjust to the products in our acne system and acne might return, so we may have to switch things up, but that is still a far better option than being told that you have to completely quit taking the medication that finally cleared up your skin.